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HEAD Gravity Mp 2021

New Head Gravity MP 2021 is featured with new cosmetic design and new Head technologies that make this racket perfect choice for aggressive players with experiences. It weights 295 gr unstrung, head size is 645 cm2, string pattern 16x20 and it comes in standard length, 68.5 cm. it is recommended by Alexander Zverev.

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Head is introducing New Head Gravity MP 2021 with new cosmetic design, yellow-green fade on the side and blue-violet fade on the other. This racket is designed for intermediate and advanced payers with aggressive game. With 295 gr unstrung it is more maneuverable however it still produces a lot of control, speed and spin on full swing power. Head upgraded rackets to become one of best competitors on the market. GRAPHENE 360+ TECHNOLOGY is the one that optimizes energy transfer and the innovative spiral fibers that enhance flex and clean impact feel. This effect gives new Head Radical MP 2021 optimal combination of stability and easy power. Benefits of GRAPHENE 360+ TECHNOLOGY are SPIRALFIBER TECHNOLOGY ( twisted fibers placed on the shoulder area accompany the frame in its deformation and provide greater flex and clean impact), GRAPHENE IN THE SHAFT OF THE RACKET TECHNOLOGY. This technology optimizes mass distribution which gives better maneuverability and more power. And the last GRAPHENE IN THE HEAD OF THE RACKET which reduces frame deformation and enables better energy transfer. SWEET ZONE TECHNOLOGY is created through a rounded head shape with the widest stringbed section raised to the tip for modern and aggressive play. With string pattern 16x20 new Head Gravity MP 2021 provides maximal combination of power and control. New  Head Gravity MP 2021 introduces also FLEX GROOVE TECHNOLOGY which implies that the deeper flex groove softens the cross section geometry in the shoulder area for enhanced impact feel. ELLIPTICAL BEAM TECHNOLOGY revers to the elliptical cross section in the shoulder area and creates more flex during impact and enhances feel. It is designed for fast and aggressive game and we recommend it as a user-friendly racket providing great feel and control. We recommend new Head Gravity MP 2021 to intermediate players and advanced ones who are looking for modern and aggressive play.


Data sheet

Product line
Weight unstrung
295 g / 10.40 oz
68.5 cm / 27 in
32.5 Cm. / 12.8 In.
Beam Width
22 Mm / 22 Mm / 22 Mm
Head Size
645 Cm² / 100 In²
String Pattern
16 Verticales / 20 Horizontales

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