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DURATION: The hours of play of the string before a break occurs.VALUE: 0 (minimum) to 10 (maximum duration)
COMFORT: The elasticity or deformation of the string at the time of impact, as well as its behavior in off-center hits.VALUE: 0 (minimum comfort) to 10 (maximum comfort)
STABILITY: The time the string is able to keep its tension.VALUES: 0 (maximum) to 25 (high stability)
STIFFNESS: Dynamic stiffness (k) is the most important physical property of the string, it indicates its capacity of elongation under stress.VALUES: 50 (minimum stiffness) to 700 (maximum stiffness). Dynamic stiffness (K) = increased tension (DT) / increase in length (DL) - K = DT / DL
EFFECTS: It indicates ease to apply spin to the ball.VALUE: 0 (minimum) to 10 (highest)
SWING: It indicates the range amplitude of the player's arm during the swing; which is suitable for the racket and the string itseft.VALUES: 0 (short swing) to 30 (long swing)
TYPE OF PLAY: Indicates the type of game (or shock) for which the string is conceived.VALUES: Aggressive/Flat, Aggressive/Topspin, Touch/Touch, Flat/Topspin.
TYPE OF RACKET: Rackets, according to its parameters are divided into two groups.VALUES: Power and Control.
MOVEMENT: It indicates the intensity of string movement during the impacts.VALUE: 0 (minimum movement) to 10 (maximum movement)